TriQuint new integrated digital control amplifier

Technical innovation of the RF solutions for leading manufacturers of TriQuint semiconductor company announced a few days ago, released two compact digital variable gain amplifier ( DVGA ) - TQM829007 and TQM879008 amplifier. The two device incorporates important component function, to the base transceiver station, repeater, point-to-point microwave radio components and satellite communications terminal equipment to provide the receiver or transmitter gain control function, but also any request by automatic gain control to increase the dynamic range of the application system of the superexcellent choice.

The company's TQM829007 and TQM879008 amplifier frequency range were 0.6 ~ 1.0GHz and 1.5 ~ 2.7GHz. The two amplifier is a highly integrated module, in the industry standard lead-free 6x6mm surface package with all the necessary components to simplify circuit design. This module includes a gain module, high linear amplifier, all matched elements, biasing the choke, blocking capacitor and the 6 bit digital attenuator, the amplifier via a serial programming interface, from 0 to 31.5dB to 0.5dB step change the gain of the amplifier. The two amplifier working temperature range of - 40 degrees to + 85 degrees C, the package temperature of + 85oC environment, the MTTF of at least up to 1000 years.

TriQuint Chinese division general manager Xiong Ting said:" today's transceiver requirements without compromising performance under the condition of integrated function promotion to the highest level, in an economically efficient way to simplify the design and manufacturing solutions. Therefore, TriQuint design TQM829007 and TQM879008 two amplifier designed to achieve this goal, combined with the TriQuint DSA chip with high performance and amplifier solutions, elimination of discrete design on a variety of commonly used external components demand. These solutions, combined with the frequency of 1.4 ~ 2.7GHz TQM879006 digital variable gain amplifier, for all major wireless infrastructure access pin compatible solution.

Please Click: 8/28/2012
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